Works-in-Progress allows AND to present our participant’s work in a reading or staged-reading format. WIPs usually come from our early process programs, i.e., Anything Goes, Improv-to-Script, e.g.  These presentations occur throughout the year as the need arises.

Our most recent WIP took place last October 30th at 7pm.

SMJ’s play is set over the course of a month as six women train to be the first ever all-female ensemble of the Power Rangers. The Command Center Outside Angel Grove, California is an ensemble-driven mix of campy 90s nostalgia, LGBTQIA+ positivity, and big questions about who gets to own our collective culture.

Reserved tickets are free, and donations are accepted at the event in cash, or through Venmo/PayPal. Reserve your spot on Eventbrite.

Past Works-in-Progress


Making Sense of the Universe – One Comedy at a Time!
by Luigi Jannuzzi
Developed partially through Improv-to-Script
With Irene Carroll, Margaret Geherety, Mike Lawler, Matt Mezzacappa & Jared Wilder

Not Just You
by Chima Chikazunga
Developed partially through Improv-to-Script
with Helen Coxe, David King, John L. Payne

Where There’s a Will There’s a Wife
By Maria Marin
Developed through Anything Goes!
Directed by Gene Santarelli
With Jane Marx, Alice King, Shauna Bloom, Marie Lenzi, Jared Wilder, Mark Hudson, Jamie Lorenzo, Craig Weinstein


A Muslim in the Midst
Written by Anand Rao
Directed by Gene Santarelli
With Gopal Divan, Ram Kanneganti, Nikita Tewani, Sanjana Shukla, Anita Ganesan, Jorge Torres, Naveen Naidu, David Lopez and David Marx

The Long Bending Goodbye
Written by Kit Vinsick
With Michele Lyman & Sagine Valla

Written by Robert Rosenbaum
With Angelika, Sandra DeLuca, Alex Jones, Gene Santarelli, Jerry Topitzer and Jared Wilder


Food Fight
Readings of an unusual collection of short plays including:
Potato Chip Race, The Chosen Fruit, Frozen Stiffs, Temporary Associations, B…S, Forever in a Moment, Preference
Written by Cesi Davidson
Directed by Sara Berg
With Liz Acosta, Tonia Anderson, April Armstrong, Kim Chinh, Ginnine Cocuzza, Fataah Dihaan, Jose Febus, Aaron Fried, Bruce Fuller, Denise Allesandra Hurd, Sean Kenin, Clea Rivera, Gary Vincent, William Oliver Watkins, Yan Xi

Long Gone Daddy
Written & Performed by Joseph Gallo

To The Bone
Written & Directed by Catherine Butterfield
With Jessica Hecht, Marin Hinkle, Caitlin McGee, Michelle Ang, Luke Hofmaier

Run.Hide.Be Quiet.
Written & Performed by Shyla Idris
Directed by Kristine Niven

The Actual Dance
Written & Performed by Samuel A. Simon
Directed by Jessie Roberts

By Jeffrey Sweet
With Jeff McCarthy


Dearly Beloved
Written & Directed by Donald Steele
With Ruth Sherman, Ellen Dolan, Charles E. Gerber, Cordis Heard, Rick Hoyt, Jacob Callie Moore and Randy Schein


Cat Woman Without a Cat
Written & Performed by Carrie Keskiken
Directed by Scotty Watson

The New Me
Written by Margo Hammond
Directed by Katherine Long

Impromptu-Tu (a solo tour de farce)
Created & Performed by Scotty Watson

After Anne Frank
Written & Performed by Carol Lempert
Directed by Janice L. Goldberg


The Baseball Stories
Written & Performed by Raphael Bagdalaccia

MacCloskey & Myers Complete Do-It-yourself Comedy Hour
Written & Performed by Luke MacCloskey & Christina Myers


Waiting For Abbott
Written by Nick Raio

You Only Shoot The Ones You Love
Written & Performed by Jeffrey Sweet

Saving Jenna Ranin
Written by Drew Larimore

So Far Past We Can’t Remember When

CLASS DISMISSED – by Jeffrey Sweet

SELECTION DAY by Paul Buzinski

GROWING UP NORMOYLE written and performed by Tracie Higgins

SOPHIE PROJECT – written & performed by Carol Fox Prescottj

JOINER by Elizabeth Quinn

LORETTA BETTA GRETA – written and performed by Lillias White

QUESTIONING AUTHORITY – written & performed by Tracie Higgins

SONIC ACCORD – written & performed by Jim Bell

A BETTER WAY – by Patrick Nash

CHURCH – written & performed by Gary Austin

SHEILA & ANGELO – by Nick Raio

THE WRITING’S ON THE WALL – by Marvin Schildkraut

MEETING THE PARENTS – written & performed by Tracie Higgins

OIL – written & performed by Gary Austin

SCOTTISH FEVER – written & performed by Whitney DeLise

THE KITCHEN SINK – written & performed by Gary Austin

A LITTLE HELP – written & performed by Luke MacCloskey & Christina Myers