A bold new play in a bold new genre –   

The marriage of script and improv

A new play by Kristine Niven

April 3-14, 2019

Theatre 54 @ Shetler Studios

244 W. 54th St.  12th fl.

What happens when three women related by blood but at loggerheads with each other have to hunker in a bunker?

       The Gist:  A storm has wiped out electricity in the small town of Winston, Pennsylvania.  Within the Winston Public Library, there is a decades old shelter built during the Cold War.  It has a separate generator and the only light source in the whole building. And the only place where patrons and employees of the library can find refuge. 

The Twist:   5 teams of actors and directors separately rehearse the same scripted play. At no time during rehearsal will the separate casts communicate with each other. For each of 25 performances, one actor/character from each team is called to theater to perform. Actors are kept isolated from each other and meet one another in character – for the first time on stage. Seven characters played by 5 intrepid actors, all performing “Without-A-Net”. And the audience is in on the game!

             25 performances. 25 opening nights. 25 different casts.       

             All flying Without-A-Net.”

 Hint: You’ll find that coming to just one show isn’t enough.

TICKETS:  https://www.smarttix.com


Molly Ballerstein, Irene Carroll, Janice L. Goldberg

Rani O’Brien, Gene Santarelli

 Set Design:  Chen-Wei Liao

Lighting Design: Michael Abrams

Production Stage Manager:  Jim Armstrong

Production History



Written by Kristine Niven

Directed by Janice L. Goldberg, Katrin Hilbe, Joan Kane, Emily Tetzlaf, Scotty Watson

Stage Managers – Jim Armstrong, Kimmarie Bowens, Ashley DeLuke, Dana Robbins, Rebecca Schafer

With Dina Comolli, Katie Mack, Travis Mitchel, Mike Sause, Kristine Niven, Charlotte Hampden, Alexander Guiney, Jennifer Laine Williams, David Perez-Ribada, Rachel Halper, Lucy McMichael, Josh Marcantel, Mary Monahan, Ian Campbell Dunn, Gina LeMoine, Anna Ewing Bull, Nathaniel Moore, Adrienne Williams, George R. Sheffey, Amanda Ladd, Liz Parish, Emmanuel Elpenord, Irene Carroll, Jared Wilder, Catherine Santino, Michelle Conti



Written by Kristine Niven

Directed by Sara Berg, Carla Cantrelle, Christine Cirker, Janice L. Goldberg, Kelly Haran

Stage Managers – Jim Armstrong, Molly Ballerstein, Kian Ross, Keaton, Grant, Teresa Yslas

With Bruce Fuller, Elizabeth Acosta, Clea Rivera, Yan Xi, Billy Davis, Stephen Cantrelle, Margot Avery, Claire Sparks, Carla Cantrelle, David Marx, Don Meehan, Jr., Barbara J.Spence, Fawn Johnstin, Kate Neuman, Timothy Keir, Frank Hankey, Kristine Niven, Elanna White, Connie Perry, Jared Wilder, Douglas Hartwyk, Jill Melanie Wirth, Michelle Conti, Margaret Geraghty



Written by Kristine Niven

Directed by Pharah Jean-Phillipe, Janice L. Goldberg, Lori Kee, Kay Long, Troy Miller

Stage Managers – Jim Armstrong, Clay Martin, Surayah White, Dulfy Trinidad, Ilya Nikitinskiy

With Mary Hynes, Chris Lutkin, Chris Kiley, Kristine Niven, Erin Salm, Doug Shapiro, Simone Marbury, Regine Mt. Louis, Kyle T. Nunn, E.J. An, Paul Hickert, Julie Berndt, Julie Voschell, Sean Gorski, Myra Thibaut, Frank Hankey, Bekka Lindstrom, Jennifer R.Terrell, Kevin Stanfa, Elizabeth Savage, Desmond Dutcher, Jacqueline Sydney, Andrea Alton, Paul Caiola, Bridget Ori



Written by Gary Garrison and Roland Tech

Directed by Kathleen Brant, Dan Dinero, Janice L. Goldberg, Michael Rock and Mathew Shepard

Stage Managers – Lori Lundquist, Clay Martin, Seymour, Leta Tremblay and Amy Vonvett

With Cooper Shaw, Allison Goldberg, Richard Hoehler, Jacob Callie Moore, Kristine Niven, Jill Melanie Wirth, Kari Swenson Riely, Ben Sumrall, Mary Ruth Baggott, Dan Patrick Brady, Sheila Stasack, Cecily Benjamin, John Calvin Kelly, John Brady, Amanda Ladd, Blair Goldberg, Abby Lee, Jared Zirilli, Denise Nolin, Scott Davidson, Elizabeth Bell, Erin Hadley, Tommy Day Carey, Desmond Dutcher, Irene Longshore