Our signature blend of scripted and improvised theater.

Buried in Time
by Kristine Niven
April 26 – May 7

Theatre 54 @ Shetler Studios    244 W. 54th St.    12th floor

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The Gist: Charlotte Donohue returns home to Guthrie, PA, population 6000, for the funeral of her father. She meets her high school/college boyfriend, his niece, and a childhood mentor. As they prepare for the funeral, we discover everyone has something to bury, put to rest, or uncover.

The twist: The script has been given to 5 directors. Each director has cast the play with a team of five actor/improvisors and each team has rehearsed the play in their own unique way. At no time during rehearsal will the separate casts communicate with each other. For each performance, one actor/character from each team will perform. Actors are kept isolated from each other and meet one another in character – for the first time on stage.

25 performances. 25 different casts. All flying “Without-A-Net.”

Hint: You’ll find that coming to just one show isn’t enough.

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