Tom McNamara
Listening with Your Whole Body
Tom McNamara
Saturday (7/15) 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (with one 30-minute break)


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In this Master Class, you will learn how to:

Bring awareness of your actor’s body on stage.
Stay within the realm of truth of the world you build.
Viscerally know when you are in the flow of listening.
Emotionally respond to your scene partner using physical choices.
Be comfortable being in a constant state of discovery.
Go deep into self-awareness and find meaning beyond just the words.
Understand that the actor is a vessel for improv to move through.
Be affected by words, feelings and actions simultaneously.

Recognize Relationship vs. Game. Repetition, and reoccurrence of patterns.

Limit: 16
Requirements: None

Nola Rehearsal Studios
Studio 2
244 W. 54th St. 10th Floor

Tom McNamara has studied, performed and taught 90’s Chicago style improvisation in Chicago and among the palm trees, surfboards and happy souls of Hawaii. As he taught for Maui Improv, Tom continued to refine his skills with most every master improv teacher who visited Hawaii from the mainland. Tom brings to the stage a strong background in mind/body techniques, Feldenkrais, Aikido, shiatsu, Transformational Breath, and ALBA emotional techniques. Tom believes that we all “get” improv through various channels that include the five senses. The more we activate these channels, the more we have a chance at a complete experience. In the words of two of his top teachers, Del Close, “Play at the top of your intelligence.” “As an audience gets larger in size, the collective intelligence goes up.” Dennis Zacek. Tom recognizes that there are many forms of intelligence, and he looks forward to holding space as you integrate and play with yours!