Hosted by 3.14 (pronounced PIE)
& ANDTheatre Company 

Monday (2/6) & Tuesday (2/7)
$5 suggested ticket price
Pay what you can and get in the WHOLE night!

Theatre 54, 244 West 54th Street, NYC

Teams create a show from pure improvisation.  See scene work that searches for emotions, characters and truth.  Leave the “stand up and deliver” improv at the door. This is Improvisational Theatre!

Monday (2/6)

6:30pm – Pi Social – Let’s Talk Improv

7pm – KING CRAB & Sueños
8pm – Savage & ANDsemble
9pm – 3.14 (pronounced pie)
Finish 9:30pm

Tuesday (2/7)

6:30pm – Pi Social – Let’s Talk Improv

7pm – The Wrasslers & PUNCH
8pm – AS YOU WILL & Hero Complex
9pm – 3.14 (pronounced pie)
Finish 9:30pm

Pi Social is a half hour before the “shows” begin.  A way to MEET and GREET and have a few SWEET treats.


King Crab is
Jerry Burgos
Kenneth Haskins
Amanda Henning
Sara Katherine
Brennan Lowery
Eric Mangin
Sean Perham
Matthew Schrader
Julie Strainer
On Monday 2/6 at 7pm

Sueños is
Stephanie del Toro
Michelle Pastor
Joel Shaughnessy
On Monday 2/6 at 7pm

Savage is
Emily Brock
Michelle Conti
Katherine Lazarus
Catherine Santino
On Monday 2/6 at 8pm

The ANDsemble is
Adrienne Cooper
Emmanuel Elpenord
Jim Ewing
Margaret Geraghty
Mark Hudson
David Marx
Kristine Niven
Liz Parish
Isaac Rodriguez
Mike Sause
Jon Schaefbauer
Jerry Topitzer
Jared Wilder
On Monday 2/6 at 8pm 

The Wrasslers is
David Bell
David Crane
Matt Mitchell
RJ Williams
Michael Williams
On Tuesday 2/7 at 7pm

Alli Guerra
Vanessa Golenia
Annjolynn Cales
Amanda Gail
Marisa Brau
On Tuesday 2/7 at 7pm 

David Brummer
George Hider
Conner Mullen
On Tuesday 2/7 at 8pm 

Hero Complex is
Mehdi Barakchian
Langston Belton
Lorraine Cink
Nate Foster
Raquel Powell
Brad Stuart
On Tuesday 2/7 at 8pm

3.14 (pronounced Pie) is
Irene Carroll
Stephen Thornton
Scotty Watson
On Monday (2/6) & Tuesday (2/7) at 9pm