Writers, Actors, Improvisors – Using Improv to Create Scripted Material


By Invitation – Email us for further information

Each summer since 2010 Jeffrey Sweet & Kristine Niven have met with a gang of writer-improvisers like Dan Castellaneta, Deb Lacusta, Cheri & Bill Steinkellner, Deborah Laufer, Ron West, Catherine Butterfield, Mike Descoteaux, Jonathan Stark, Michael Gellman and Pam Victor under the sponsorship of an outfit called Summer Salt where we improvise scenes and character explorations based on each other’s suggestions to jump-start the creation of new plays, screenplays, sketches and TV scripts. Plays by Laufer and Butterfield which were worked on at these retreats have played off-Broadway, and several short plays have been part of AND’s Eclectic Evening of Shorts: Boxers & Briefs.  Plays developed by Castellaneta/Lacusta and the Steinkellners have played on the West Coast and at festivals around the country.

Improv-to-Script is a workshop structured in the same manner as our summer retreats.  We meet regularly with the goal of using improv to create or heighten scripted material.  It’s not a class,  it’s a group of high-quality people (writers, directors, actors & improvisers) getting together to jam improvisationally for each other’s benefit.   The result is scripted material – full plays, short plays, screen plays, teleplays, sketches, you know, scenes with dialogue.  Confrontations, negotiations, drama.  OK, a laugh or two might be involved, but pieces with characters and stories and stakes.