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One Tuesday per month we offer classes designed for everyone who’d like to build or maintain their improv skills. Each class focuses on a different theme, designates time for scene work, and provides tools to make you a successful improviser.

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Next Up

Out of the Head and Into the Space
A Workshop with Irene Carroll
Tuesday (12/10) 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Ever in your head when you improvise? Let’s get you out of it! To quote Viola Spolin, “to get out of your head, get into the space.” We often think that the most creative thing to do is to come up with some extensive backstory for each possible move. Why? When we simply act in the space, we are the most engaged.

Irene Carroll

Irene Carroll is a Senior Instructor at ANDTheatre Company. She has worked with legendary Gary Austin, the founder of the Groundlings and performed alongside David Razowsky. Irene produces, directs, acts, hosts and lives life with a YES AND motto. If you’d like to know more about Irene check out her website at

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