Connected, actor-based improv steeped in honesty and fun


Directed by Scotty Watson, our ANDsemble performs at ANDonStage, as well as at our Benefits and venues around the City. Members also work with ANDwriters to create scripted work based on improvisations.

The ANDSemble:  Avery Nelson Bargar, Emily Brock,Sasha Burgos-Conde, Irene Carroll, Michelle Conti, Adrienne E. Cooper, Emmanuel Elpenord, Jim Ewing, Peg Geraghty, Emilia Horn, Mark Hudson, Carrie Keskinen, Katherine Lazarus, David Marx, Kristine Niven, Liz Parish, Isaac Rodriguez, Catherine Santino, Mike Sause, Jon Schaefbauer, Jerry Topitzer, Scotty Watson, Jared Wilder


Scotty Watson’s Mega Improv Show

June 28,2019 – 8-9:30pm – Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street